SlowTwitch Niche 

-In order to keep our overhead low, we do not stock many new parts. We can order you whatever you like from one of our 4 distributors including Hans Jonsen, JBI, Easton and Raceface. Already have what you need? Bring it with you and we will install it with your tune! 

-Our new store opens and we not only kept the prices the same on our tunes, but added a lower cost tune-up option!  $20*

-Eco Tour to local parks to assist those far far away from our storefront still happens!  One Sunday per month!  Look for it on our FB at Slowtwitchniche!

-We'll have 2 glass cases filled with unusual or "cool" items from abroad...changing frequently.  


                                                        *does not include parts needed

The new shop is just a place.  The heart of who we are and what we are doing remains unscathed and in tact!  We get you on your bike asap and at low cost, give to charity and everyone smiles for miles and miles! 

We are a high quality, very low cost bicycle service center that specializes in tune-ups.  Drop in and have your bike ready the next day in most cases, or call to make an appointment if you would like your bicycle serviced the same day !  

Our Eco Tours, where we set-up at local Houston area parks is still happening!  They will be on one Sunday per month, so if the Seabrook area is too far, you can visit us at one of our Tours to have your bike tuned up within an hour! Please follow us on Facebook for Eco Tour dates and locations. 

Thank you for such a successful opening!  We are located at 1506 Main St. (2nd GPS) next to Snoopy's Pet Grooming in Seabrook. We specialize in Tune-ups and adjustments, leaving sales/products to our great local shops!

Come visit us on our Facebook page where everything is up to date, specials are seen, events and destinations are posted and daily pics of life at the Niche are made into memories!  You are family at Slowtwitchniche!

A Niche of care in this world we share

2017 we're taking it up a notch!

We do not strive to be different than other bicycle shops because we are different.  It's not a "better" or "worse" comparison, but more of a belief system that we personally have and want to share with you if you're open to us.  Let's fix your old bike at a super affordable cost rather than replacing it.  Let's use used parts when we can to do so.  Let's offer affordable eco friendly solutions when possible.  Let's give as much as we can back, be it to the customer or to our charities we donate to with each and every sale and repair!  Let's make a difference!