We specialize in Tune-ups and adjustments!  We leave sales to our great local shops!  

-Race Tune $20*:  Adjustment of shifting/derailleurs, brakes and minor wheel truing (left on the bike).

-Pro Tune $30*:  Our most popular.  Race Tune plus adjusting headset, bottom bracket, wheel bearings/hubs, precision off the bike wheel truing, complete wipe down AND waxing of bicycle!  $5 extra for drivetrain clean.

-Elite Tune $50*: Everything our Pro Tune does, but we replace all mechanical cables (brakes and derailleurs) and the drivetrain cleaning is included.  

-Lateral Wheel True (Shop prices $20):  $10 per wheel

-Horizontal and Lateral Wheel True (Shop prices $25-$45):  $15 per wheel-Derailler Adjustment (Shop prices $15-$20):  $5 per derailler

-Brake pad alignment and adjustment - non-disc (and rim prep):  $10 for both brakes-Bearing adjustment (hub, bottom bracket, headset)(Shop prices usually $15-$25):  $5 each 

-Wash and WAX frame/fork (and protectant on rubber/plastic/metal parts)(Shop prices...service not usually offered):  $12

-Drivetrain Clean (clean chain, rear/front deraillers, rear cogs and partial front chainring clean and degreasing)(Shop prices $30-$45):  $10

-Flat tire change ($6 for tube unless you bring one)(Shop prices $10-$15):  $5 each tire.

Other bicycle repair services (not limited to below):

-Install parts-bicycle computers

-Basic wheel builds

                                                                                                                                                               *does not include parts needed for repair

Bicycle Fitting (Static fit both upper and lower body...road and tri bikes as well as comfort bicycles):  $30

CYCLEFIT Group Coaching in class format:  Some indoor trainer sessions (bring your indoor trainer) held at local parks or exciting outdoor training for all levels (we use a short neighborhood block or two usually so that all levels remain on the same course, just doing their own efforts at their own capabilities).  Very very fun and motivating workout!  $5 per class (class limit is 15 and class minimum participation is 4 riders)

Monthly Training Programs:  I will ride with you and assign homework to meet your personal goals.  Weekly workout plan is sent several days before the week begins off of your availability.  $30-75/month.



Our Services

-cleat positioning and alignment for optimal output

-saddle fore/aft positioning for optimal efficiency of pedal stroke

-optimal saddle height adjustment for knee health and efficiency

-bar/stem sizing and positioning to create either the most power producing positioning or comfortable position or both depending on goals of the rider

10% of net profit goes to autism and no kill animal shelters. 


Low cost, high quality tune-ups done in a timely manner.  It's what we do!